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Upayogee offer a good management software for your next business and your success

Upayogee India will use our extensive knowledge of technology to propose a custom solution fitted to your specific requirements and turn your idea into a successful product. We help prepare possible outcomes for different decisions.

About upayogee

The upayogee Software is worlds pioneer in creating dedicated software for each industry with user-friendly to operate, great security, best support and best technology at a very affordable price. Browse Upayogee facts below

Innovation at Upayogee

Upayogee innovations across our products, technologies, and programs are motivated by a desire to improve ease of doing business. We use our research and development team to innovate our product and their performance to drive positive change for individuals, organizations, and business. our innovations defined by our purpose brought to reality through our products and services

Our Vision

Upayogee vision is to help people worldwide to use software to expand their business productivity, efficiency and increase profitability and become a successful businessperson.


Our goal is become world no 1 company by 2020 as most employee company.


Upayogee Offers:

1. Society Management Software:


Today’s modern society needs a much modern solution for its proper management, which can replace the human efforts. Any Co-operative Society or Housing Society need a hassle-free and efficient Society management system for managing its day-to-day activities which can even manage society’s accounting work also. Society management system has not only to deal with its complaints or accounts but has to keep an eye on all other facility and activities under the society premises. Thus taking help of a Society Management Software, makes us feel free.

Upayogee’s “Society Management Software” is equipped with a one-stop solution for all stress faced in operating any housing society or Apartments. Society Management Software is a web-based platform which makes the work very easy with a world-class user interface, The Society Management Software gives a complete assistance in managing society accountings such as Billing, staff wedges, and Sales-Purchase management. It also creates a community group in which each and every member is involved and gets updates and notifications for an upcoming event/meetings in the form of Mail/Messages.

2. Business Management Software:


Transform your business faster with help from upayogee Business management software no matter where you are on your journey. Capture all of your business information in a single, scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that helps you manage every point of your business from accounting, CRM, purchasing, sales and Business database


3. Hospital Management Software

upayogee Hospital software offering its wide range of functions and facilities to manage their Patient / Last History / gated communities easy and useful. Our mission from the very first day has been to cultivate professional relationships with our clients to provide Easy simple and Reliable solutions for their needs. The team at upayogee Software is equipped with a highly developed skill set developed over an of experience not only in technology but also in business processes across a range of industry sectors.